First Rehab can Service your Facility

Assisted Living facilities and Adult Day Care centers throughout the Tri-state Area.


Over the years First Rehab has expanded our services to bring our quality care to Assistant Living and Adult Day Cares throughout the Tri-state Area.

We choose our therapists based on their skills and experience with the geriatric population. Our therapist work closely with the doctor and nursing department at each location to ensure our patients meet their therapy goals.

We provide dedicated therapists to each location with a set schedule to accommodate the residents needs. While we understand consistent therapy is key to recovery, we also recognize that events and trips are often planned, which clients like to participate in. Our therapist are flexible with scheduling and make sure to put the patients’ needs first.

When First Rehab services a facility, we really become part of the family there. We often give exercise classes to all the residents. We participate in facility health fairs, cosponsor events, provide staff in-services and more.

If you would like to meet with our Marketing team to see what First Rehab can add to your facility, please contact: Stacey Silber at or Rachel Schor at